KK100 Adhesive Embroidery Spray


  • Transparent spray glue for temporary adhesion
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and odourless
  • Great for use on stretchy fabrics and knitware
  • KK100 holds appliques correctly in place for embroidering slippery material
  • Helps eliminate puckering – spray backing and attach fabric
  • For embroidery items which cannot or ideally should not be stretched on a frame in order to avoid pressure marks

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KK100 Adhesive Embroidery Spray:

KK100 temporary embroidery adhesive spray has led the market for decades as a best-in-class adhesive product. It creates a strong bond, yet allows for the easy repositioning of fabric. KK-100 is non-toxic and fully absorbs within 24-36 hours. Hoopless embroidery is suddenly no challenge – the tack is strong enough to avoid the awkward and time consuming hooping process. KK-100 is also great for holding die-cuts in place for applique, shifting between fabrics and backings

This world renowned spray glue will perform the sticking duty of all your appliques without damaging your needles and embroidery machine. Embroiders who try KK-100 usually add this wonderful product to their must-have stock of embroidery supplies.

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