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I simply adore all the products, offering a wide variety of products, well priced and with an incredible service. I rate 5 stars!
Nancy Bouchard, Créations Cayalou, Dalmas, Qc.
I have bought all my stabilizers and embroidery thread at for the last 4 years after i acquired a Brother home domestic machine. I highly recommend
Juliette Pelletier, Lévis, Qc
I live in BC and I am so happy to have found as my no 1 supplier for all my sewing and embroidery needs. has it all and wonderful fast service.
Doris Girard, Keremeos, BC
I love all your stabilizers and all your threads, The quality of your products is amazing at the prices they are sold for. As for your thread colors I love how vibrant they are. I highly recommend
Mary Warrington, Wheatley, Ontario
I am a passionate of sewing and especially embroidery. Like most of you, I have searched the web to find a supplier, and it has been 4 years since has been my no 1 source. Thanks for the warm service as well!
Diane Beaudoin, Zazouley, Drummondville, Qc.
I am a newbie at embroidery and I really love your products. I also love your proximity and your excellent service. I am discovering it all and it is becoming my passion, hours of fun! I mainly do embroidery on washable diapers.
Jessica Méthot, BBperl-O, Marieville, Qc
Let’s not forget the customer service: we all love to be served like kings and queens, don’t we? Well, this is exactly the experience waiting for you at !
Diane Pouliot, fil-en-ciel, Québec, QC
This is my retirement pastime and passion and I couldn’t be happier with all the products offers. I have recommended them to many over the years who are now satisfied customers as well.
Michelle Morais, Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Qc
I’ve loved all the products and prices, & the fact that I can easily order online. The box shows up at my door! I highly recommend anyone starting or in machine embroidery to connect to!
Robin Whitford, Ottawa, Ontario
Wow ! Funny now to admit that I used to pay 3 times the price for lesser quantity!
Marie-Helene Nowlan, Unicorn Woven textiles - Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec
The prices are great, there’s a ton of selection of threads, all types of stabilizers and regular sewing products too.
Stacey Palmer, Sweet Potato Pie Bridal Accessories - Douglas, NB
Thanks for the overall quality selection and the excellent service you provide.
Lucie Vaux, Gatineau, Quebec

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