Commercial Embroidery Supplies

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Our mission at  is to cater to the home embroiderer by offering smaller formats and products specifically adapted to your needs. However, if your small business or hobby is evolving and you are now consuming larger quantities of stabilizers or thread, then is the perfect alternative on-line shopping platform for commercial embroidery supplies.

At Superpunch, you can find the entire line of quality made-in-Japan Happy embroidery machines. Home embroiderers often discover Happy machines after they have purchased embroidery machines of a lesser quality. Unfortunately, after hard-earned money has been spent, they realize that they could have purchased a superior quality domestic embroidery machine such as Happy, Journey, or Voyager for almost the same price. Avoid making that same mistake and contact the experts at before you make your embroidery machine purchase. Happy embroidery machines have a long history in the industry, dating back to the 1960’s and Superpunch has been the exclusive Eastern Canadian distributor since 1998.

The most popular embroidery thread on the planet is without a doubt, the German-made thread, Madeira. All  425 polyneon colors are offered to commercial embroiderers on Experienced major embroidery manufacturers, who typically use multi head machines, trust Madeira thread, along with the one and only American-made, Magna Glide magnetic bobbins. These 2 products are the highest standard embroidery products to which no other products compare.

SuperStable stabilizers are showcased in bigger formats and sprays are sold by the case. Pre-wound bobbins are also sold by the case. Together with many other products, we offer a complete on-line shopping platform for commercial embroidery supplies that provides the same quality products that the biggest embroidery manufacturers use. At Superpunch, you will find everything an embroiderer will ever need, all under one roof at