Free stabilizers and free SuperB thread for your testimonials ! Up to 75.94$ of products for free!

Yes, it's true, here is how it works.

Step 1

Option 1:  Send us 5 pictures of 5 different products from Monfil.ca, each picture with a comment, each in a different setting in your shop and we will send you a promo code which will entitle to add the following to your Monfil order for free:

1 roll of the specialty stabilizer Press and Wash 12 inch x10 yards: value of 27.99$
2 cones of SuperB thread 5000 meter,
colors chosen by our shipping manager Tommie:  value of 11.98$

Total value for option 1:  39.97$

Option 2 :  If you make it 10 products, we will add the following on top of the products from option 1:

1 roll of 2.5 oz black cut away stablizer 15" x 25 yards: value of 23.99$
2 more cones of SuperB 5000 meter, shipping manager's choice:  value of 11.98$

Total for option 2:  35.97$

Therefore, if you send in 10 pictures, the value of option 1 and 2 is: 75.94$ !

Step 2

Once the coupon received by email, click on the image of the option from which you received the coupon, you will arrive on the product to add in your cart.

Step 3

Apply the coupon in your shopping cart.

Shipping is not included.

Be creative please, and change the background or setting of each picture. If you can, please add parts of your shop, machines, table to make the pictures real.  You may also include yourself with a smile if you want.  In your small comment, please sign it as you wish for it to appear online, as we will respect the way you want it to be viewed.  All creative and fun pictures will be rewarded with extra free goodies from our shipping manager!

These testimonials will be online only in 2020 during another major announcement.
Only 1 use per client.

Thank you.

The team at Monfil.ca